Sophia Miller is the protagonist of the Nickelodeon series, Star Falls. She is a strong-willed teenager who is in hopes of setting her mother with movie star, Craig Brooks.

Sophia is portrayed by Siena Agudong.


In "The Celebrity Setup", Sophia is introduced to be rescuing a dog under a sewer gutter, named Baxter. Sophia's mother and Sophia take Baxter to the animal rescue, where they take care of him.[1]

Sophia desperately wants her mother to fall in love with movie star, Craig Brooks, after Beth's loneliness is surrounding her with Sophia. Soon, Sophia reveals to Nate, her best friend that she has heard that Craig is shooting a movie at Star Falls.[1]

Later that night, Sophia and Beth agree to watch a Craig Brooks movie, while Nate urgently calls, commanding Sophia to watch Channel 6 News. It is then reported that the Brooks family are searching for their missing dog, Baxter. Sophia looks at the dog in awe and forms a plan.[1]

Sophia puts the house on rent, to Beth's dismay and convinces Diamond, a snob that her house is "totes adorbes". Diamond disagrees and finds out that Star Falls is not L.A, and that she wants to move back. An unsure Sophia tells her that they must stay and so, Sophia creates an 'LA' experience no one can forget.[1]

Diamond, still unsure finds out that Sophia is doing it for her family, and the two reconcile and become friends. Sophia and Beth, at the end of the episode agree that Beth might not fall in love with Craig like that, but Sophia remains optimistic on her mother and the movie star's future.[1]




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